Matrimonial Disputes

Resolving matrimonial disputes can be a highly complicated and sensitive process. Having the right set of lawyers to deal with such matters can make all the difference. These disputes are diverse in nature and include matters of divorce, maintenance, domestic violence, dowry, and custody cases among others. Our firm has dealt with some of the most publicized matrimonial cases and over the years our dedicated team of lawyers has built the expertise to deal with such matters.


The legal dissolution of marriage, whether it is by mutual consent or a contested divorce, is a long drawn and daunting process in India. It does not only entail the separation of spouses, but also includes many ancillary matters like alimony, custody and much more. Our expertise of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, helps us subjectively work on each case and provide a solution best suited to each client.


Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and section 36 of the Special Marriages Act, 1954 lays out the provision for maintenance of spouses and children in cases of divorce. Courts always try to bring both the parties at an equal pedestal and take all the factors into account before providing maintenance to either spouse.

Domestic Violence

Resolution of cases arising out domestic violence and harassment always need tailor-made solutions. Our experts, having an in-depth knowledge of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, have dealt with some of the most high profile cases of domestic violence in India. Counselling and Mediation Matrimonial disputes have psychological factors at their core, like ego, emotions, feelings etc. Mediation as a process provides the scope of a neutral party who listens to the problems objectively and tries to preserve the relationship in a confidential manner.

Mediation and Pre-litigation

Mediation has been an effective process for resolving disputes, bridge the gap in communication and improving/preserving relationships between the parties while at the same time being cost and time effective. Our firm has successfully disposed off many matters through pre-litigation mediation.

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